Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox

Vanessa is a stay at home mom, artist, and project manager. Originally from New York City she now lives in Seattle.  After a decade working at Microsoft, gaining a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science, and having children, Vanessa is finding ways to make art a priority in her life again.

A painter (mostly), Vanessa’s early works focused on female form but the emphasis on light, color, and sense of movement led her work in an abstract direction. In the end, the common thread comes down to: light, movement, emotion, whatever the subject, whatever the medium.

The goal of the blog is twofold; a tool to keep the overall project on track and hopefully a source of inspiration to others who, like her, lost touch with their creative selves. The blog intertwines real-time experiences working on art with stories from Vanessa's life, both past and present.

To find out more about how this project came to be, go here.  For the most current post, go here.